The Tanzania legislation affecting insurance is based on English Law. The Insurance business was previously confined to a Parastatal organisation known as National Insurance Corporation of Tanzania Limited. The business has now of been liberalised and the enabling statute, mainly concerned with regulatory matters, is already in place. It also contains certain important substantive provisions relating, inter-alia, to warranties and the client-broker-insurer relationship. Statutory insurance schemes are created for specific applications such as workmen’s compensation, compulsory motor vehicle insurance, etc.

The terms and conditions of policies and the rates of premiums are not strictly controlled by the legislation. They are governed by the market.

The partners together with their support teams provide a complete rate of services to the local insurance industry.

Areas of specialization include:

 Aviation and marine insurance;  Professional indemnity;  Product liability;  Fire, accident and general liability insurance;  Reinsurance;  Policy drafting and underwriting advice;  Claims and disputes;